10 Tips To Rock A Tan

With the pool season just around the corner, and the beach vacations in tow right after, this might just be the perfect time to start working on that killer tan!
There’s nothing quite as easy as getting a glistening bronze to turn yourself into an exotic looking yummy-muffin. And to make things even better, a uniform tan will make just about anybody appear more toned and fit!


India has been a little slower than every other place in catching up to the trend of bronzing and tanning, but if you think about it, we’ve been naturally and melanin-ly (is that even a word?) blessed to rock this trend. The ample Sun we get, kilometres upon kilometres of beautiful stretches of beaches down South, and the earthiness & rustiness in our terrains is the perfect boiling pot for achieving that Sun kissed, golden gleam!  But for the rest of us, less genetically blessed to naturally acquire a beautiful tan and to maintain it, here are some quick tips that might come in handy over this Summer-


  1. Generous SPF
You may easily tan, but do you tan evenly? You don’t want patches of pigmentation and consequentially getting Sun-burnt over your next day by the pool/beach! Grab onto everything with SPF, from spray-on lotions for easier, on-the-spot reapplication, to lip balms ! A good brand of sunscreen range (like Banana Boat) might just be the thin line between a beautiful bronze and a deep fry!


  1. Oil Up
To flaunt the sexy brown you worked so hard on during the day, lather on some colourless Vitamin E oil in the night. It’s gonna put back the moisture and essentials that the Sun may have ripped off of your skin, and it’ll also accentuate that tan.


  1. Pastels
Pastels (especially blues and pinks) will bring out the tan perfectly in the Indian Olive skin tones, and will also seamlessly help in making it appear more even than it really is!


  1. White
For anybody proud of their bikini-lines, and their deep skin in general, White is the way to go! Nothing else will quite as beautifully contrast that Sun-Baked skin.


  1. Bronzer
To add some more definition, youtube Bronzing of the face, and go nuts with it! : D


  1. Nudes
Accessorise with Beige & Coral nudes. Including your nails and lips! This is going to pull the look together by not taking away from your tan one bit!


  1. Hair
Keep your long tresses out of your face and use it as a frame instead! The more you let your Bronzed-up skin show, the more exotic you’ll look. Tie it up, or clip it back.


  1. Jewellery
Use predominantly Gold jewellery that’ll glimmer against the Brown skin.


  1. Glossy

Metallic and glossy finishes for anything from your accessories, clothes to your makeup will bring out that Sun-kissed goodness way more than an ordinary (read boring) Matte will!


  1. Skin Show

Last but not the least, chances are, that glorious even-tan has already added natural contouring and beautifully sculpted ‘cut’ lines to your legs, back and shoulders. So why not flaunt it while you’ve got it ?! ; )



Sunlit Portrait














Sunglasses-IDEE || Dress,Linen Shirt-Forever21 || Hair Clips-H&M || Earrings-Parfois || Belt-Vibe || Shoes-Zara || Sling Bag-Self Designed

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