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Spring is stunning… it’s pleasant, cheerful and so colourful! You see vivid shades in the trees and flower pots all around you. The gardens that had seemed like they were sitting aloof and upset for a while, suddenly seem to come to life. I see lilies here in my neighbourhood..shades of red in bloom. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous time and weather in the National Capital Region (NCR, India)? After the longest bit, I find myself wanting to get out and sit out in the evenings. The weather, the breeze, the smell of fresh air from the trees around, it’s all so, so inviting! …And this coming from somebody who is an indoor person…(maybe even unhealthily so!) : D



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This weather makes me want to experiment with clothes. It’s the ideal time to layer and wear bright, striking colours. Light and functional layers that will keep you cozy in the breezy evenings, and beautiful colours that sync with the Spring. For a day at the mall and a shoot thereafter, this intense tomato-red tube dress seemed like a clear winner. It has a bandeau bust and is super flowy. Even though it’s got the option of attaching straps to turn it into a halter neck, I still notice that I feel slightly uncomfortable wearing it just by itself in NCR. I feel like I have extremely long legs and comparatively, a shorter torso (#winsomelosesome). Often scouting for shorts, skirts and dresses for me means looking for the precise length that would suit me. Even though I’m not a very tall girl at 5’6″, a normally sized and proportioned short piece of outfit could easily turn out looking indecently short on my legs by everyday Indian standards. So I’m always looking for things I can wear comfortably without grabbing too much undesired attention. At times, when I feel that the dress looks too short on me, I pair it with a basic pantyhose or a pair of sheer leggings if that can do the dress justice!

If like me, you feel conscious wearing a particular kind of clothing, fidgeting and pulling it up (strapless) or pulling it down (short skirts and dresses) constantly, then try to add a piece of clothing like a shrug or pantyhose/legging to help ease the discomfort. The outfit could be designer, off the runway and cent percent drool worthy, but it won’t look anything close to that if you look unsure in it and fidget with how it sits on your body. I know that we all have these fantasies of wearing that stunning sweetheart neckline tube dress that’s been sitting in our wardrobe for years…or that micro mini dress that we bought in our youth thinking we’re gonna rock it one Saturday evening, but for many of us that fateful day has not yet arrived! hehehe . And that’s alright I guess, we must all have wardrobe goals and things we can look forward to wearing! But if you are in fact considering to finally dare yourself into wear one of these pieces, I suggest you not go all out suddenly, instead add a layer to help yourself ease into the idea of wearing it. Wear that dress with a shrug or a scarf a few times, and build your confidence up to eventually feel okay to sport it just by itself. It’s good to push your own boundaries when it comes to your dressing sensibilities, but cut yourself some slack and try to comfortably and gradually get there!





I pulled out my denim crop jacket, and decided to dress down the outfit a little bit. I do love my feminine clothing, but I just thought it’d be fun to style this dress to make it look modest, yet far from boring.
My favourite combat style ankle boots from Forever21 seemed to go with the denim jacket so organically….to be honest, I’m just getting in as much use of them as I possibly can whilst the weather cooperates! ; )  And then, I just stacked up my rings, put my chunky wristwatch on and threw my outing+driving essentials into this black tasseled sling.

I stuck with my daily makeup routine (details and tutorial with pictures coming soon), but on a whim decided to wear coloured contact lenses and go for an unusually long flicked liner (unusually long by my standards!) :-/








I browsed about in the mall comfortably for hours with this on, drove, did the shoot, sat for food…everything with absolutely no issues whatsoever! The outfit even passed the daunting test of squatting and bending to reach the clothes in low display shelves! Yayyyy! I personally love the amalgamation of femininity with some rocker-chic vibes. Such an easy and stylish way to dress down your favourite dresses for mall outings! What are your thoughts and opinions about the look? I’d love to hear from you guys! …Till next time, have a colourful Spring-y week!








Picture Credits – Naina Gahlaut

Outfit Details
Dress – Billabong (similar here, here & here)
Jacket – Forever21 (similar here & here)
Boots – Forever21 (similar here & here)
Sling – Self Made (similar here)
Stackable Rings – Forever21 (similar here & here)
Pendant Necklace – Forever21 
Wristwatch – Fossil (similar here & here)

Nail Paint – Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel in Creme Brûlée; Shop here
On Lips – Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes
Eye Liner – Maybelline Colossal Liner; Shop here

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