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If you’re anything like me and love Fall oh so dearly, you’ve probably been counting down the weeks to the end of October! Autumn is by far my favourite time of the year. And despite the unfortunate fact that India only witnesses a little less than 3 weeks (I’m probably being a little too generous here, realistically it’s maybe barely 2 weeks) , I do live up, soak in and enjoy every single day I can count of pleasant weather. When you are handed lemons, you make lemonade (or a lemon tart, depending on your level of expertise : p ) , so when once in a while we are hit a curveball of pleasant weather in Delhi, you can bet on your life to find me in great spirits. We don’t take good weather lightly here in the capital. If you’re from another part of the country, you’ve probably always wondered why people from Delhi seem to lose their shit keeping tabs on the temperature and humidity levels every single day. It’s something of a morning routine for us here. Loo, Tea, News and Weather forecast for the day. Don’t judge. We are only trying prep for the day ahead, which on most days is endless hours of non-sensical climate. Come to think of it, the Delhi climate has all the traits of an obsessive sociopath. It’s got no empathy, certainly no sympathy, doesn’t give two hoots about the climatic guidelines, and knows nothing of moderation. So trust me when I say, nobody values the pleasant weather more than us. We jump in joy at the inkling of a day that’s not primarily dominated by how absolutely bullshit the weather is. If you’re from Delhi and you tell me you don’t like those few weeks of November when everything seems like it’s out of a fable, I’ll call your bluff and tell you to sod off. …..JK : D

Not only is the weather a perfect concoction of breezy, warm, cool and comfortably intoxicating, it’s also the time of the year when all the festivities start roping up with a pile of wedding invites sitting somewhere in the corner of your room. Doesn’t hurt one bit that Diwali falls right around this time as well to turn these few weeks into a well rounded amaze-ball of awesomeness, good weather, best food and happily-high spirits!

It’s not everyday I look at a blazingly bright dress and fall head over heels in love with it. But… Oh! how I did!! One look at this dress, and it was an instant fast-forward to Autumn and all the beautiful fallen orange Maple leaves that I have only ever seen on the tele. I never knew I could like Orange. It’s always been one of those colours to me that I always admired from a distant, comfortable spot. Stunning and strikingly cheerful, but I had never had the courage to don it. Looking back, I can’t remember ever buying or owning any Orange piece of clothing….ever! I wonder why I’ve been such a wimp about such a gorgeous colour all these years. Such a foolish mistake for somebody who has always loved Yellow and Red a little too much. Orange is literally the love-child of those two, and I’ve somehow never thought of experimenting with it so far! Ugh…this makes me so mad!! I think I can see what’s coming next….a tonne of over-compensating for the lost time!!  ; D

This New-Look off shoulder dress from Tata Cliq is all I could’ve hoped for from my first Orange wear! I have already started dreaming of all the ways I could layer this up with trenches, bomber-jackets and oversized woollen shrugs. And let’s just take a minute to imagine this with knee high boots, Miu-Miu sunnies with an over-coat and romanticise of that one day when we find ourselves strutting up and down busy New York streets with all eyes (and maybe even some paparazzi ?) on us! Sighhhhhh !
Now, where did I stash my four pages long Bucket-list?!?

*Rushes off to journal the NY fantasy in expansive details*


Until next time!












Off-Shoulder Dress : New-Look @ Tata Cliq ; Buy here
Choker : Amazon Fashion ; Buy here
Footwear: Forever 21
Clutch : Celebriti @ Koovs
Nose Ring : Buy here


Eyeliner : Maybelline Gel Liner ; Buy here
Lips : Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream ; Buy here
  L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick ; Buy here
Blush : Maybelline Fit Me Blush ; Buy here

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