Red can bring you love, strength, beauty, life.

Red can also warn you, scare you, end you.

In many ways, Red embodies the essence of a woman.

A woman that can make you, and a woman very capable of finishing you!

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I often wonder why women are made to bear so much in life. Atrocities, limitations and responsibilities we all are well aware of. We’ve been labelled the weaker sex, the delicate sex. Feminist or not, you can’t deny some rules of nature. They are often cruel, but more often come with beautiful joys. The compassion a woman can feel, the lengths she can go to for the ones she loves, the dedication and the efforts she invests in relationships.. it’s unsurpassable. She might have no energy to go on, yet she will be your strength. But the magnitude of all these emotions, the concoction of the strength and the undeniably present weaknesses….make for a dangerous and ruthless embodiment.

This was something I wrote a while back. An ode to women and the colour that so beautifully represents us. Cheers to our strength!..

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