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Self Help – How To Fight Your Demons

Of all the things we go through, the damage we inflict on ourselves is quite possibly the most degrading. I’m the last one to stand on a pedestal and deny having been through my share of nasty evil, securing a comfortable nook and corner inside me. I can’t! And for somebody who is kind to the people around them, I often find myself in the midst of an ironic predicament. I know the right things to tell my friends when they’re a bit down and low, then why do I fumble with words when I deal with myself?

For a slightly obsessive compulsive, a little anal, planned and prepped to perfection person..failure is difficult to accept. So how do I deal with the disappointment when I set myself up to lose by assuming unrealistic expectations?

Here are some things I have leaned on over the years to comfort myself, and to come out of some upsetting moods-self inflicted or not!


  1. Pretend to be a bad-ass

Even when you’re anything but! A little role-play hurt no one. Always dress for the job (in this case: ‘the mood’) you want. If your wedding lehengas makes you feel pretty, fabulous and like the most important person in the world, go on and get it on!

  1. Watch your favourite Sitcoms

Hit Netflix for a non stop marathon of the shows that make you laugh into a frenzy. My favourites are Everybody Loves Raymond, Scrubs and Friends. There’s no funk in the world that a good laugh can’t mend!

  1. Youtube

If I’ve learnt anything over the years, it’s that your Youtube Favourites/Liked lists must have all the stash of your feel-good music and some of your favourite evergreen standups and inspiring Ted Talks!

  1. Ask for some kind words
There’s no shame in asking for a little nudge in the right direction. Some help from your closest people will go a long way! Ask someone you love to point out 3 things they like/love about you. It might seem petty in theory, but kindness from a loved one will inspire you to find it in you for yourself!


  1. List out what you love about yourself
Take out the notepad app on your phone, and jot down some things you love about yourself. A great philosopher, (NO- icon…. NO- philanthropist….NO- writer….NOOOOO, fine, whatever… it was Rihanna) once said “We found love in a hopeless place”….you can too, if you just look!


  1. Do what you love
And by that , I don’t mean go shop, or eat (guess that says something about whats always on MY mind :-/ ) . Go dance, or sing, or volunteer….do what makes you happy and makes you feel productive and useful. That’s an instant boost for your ego and mood right there!


One of these things has GOT TO help you deal with whatever it is that you’re dealing with. Demons are hard to fight, but once you’ve caught on to their achilles heel, they’ll hold no power over you!


What helps you ward off the gloom? I’d love to hear!
Until then, Fight Your Demons….get them right in the ass!  ; )



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