Suspending Clichés

After a long halt from one unfortunate event after the other, I’m back to my beloved blog! April-May-June have been a couple of difficult months on the personal front, so I gave myself the comfort of a few weeks of break to deal with whatever all was going on instead of producing half-hearted content for you guys. Nothing but the best for my beautiful readers! : *

Lately, I’ve been a whole lot in love with Indo Western, fusion wear. Nothing beats beautiful Indian prints, vibrant colours and a dash of some ethnic touches here and there…won’t you agree? Tbh, there’s no denying every trend in Indian fashion spectrum seems to be taking us straight back to our roots! So I’m headstrong about bringing you some looks inspired by all of that. In other words, you might wanna prepare yourselves for a month long (at the least) of a lot of fusion wear ideas!

I absolutely love suspending clichés when it comes to fashion, and if you can have a little bit of a fun while you’re at it, why the hell not?! ; ) I’m happy to be the guinea pig and endure all experimentations in the name of research for you guys. And ever so often, I’ll barge head straight into an idea that seems to be the polar opposite of the cliché, though it still manages to look fresh, unique and aesthetically well put together! Here’s presenting one of those lab rat experiments gone WAYYYY RIGHT ! (in my humble opinion anyway)


Cotton Shirt – Thrifted | Cotton Maxi Skirt – Max Fashion | Earrings – Thrifted | Bowtie & Suspenders – H&M | Footwear – Hush Puppies | Wayfarers – K&L


A whimsical take on the standard Cotton Maxi Skirt, paired with – suspenders and a bowtie extracted right out of it’s contradictory world. The teaming seems very unlikely in theory, but turns out, I ended up quite loving what became of it! And needless to add, all Cotton from head to toe makes for the perfect outfit for Indian Summers : D

Hope you’ve loved the look every bit as much as I enjoyed creating it. Stay close for more Indo-Western looks on my Instagram, Facebook , Roposo and right around here! Until next time…

Tanvi || The Duskess


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