The Regal Blend

Who doesn’t love a beautiful saree?! Sarees make everybody look elegant and graceful. And the simplicity of the pattern and the concept behind a saree makes for a lovely medium to experiment with!
Draping is fun and busts stress for me, and I have been wanting to experiment with saree draping styles for a little while now!
In all honesty, there is probably a gamut of styles to drape a saree, but often we restrict ourselves to 2-3 traditional styles that we are most familiar with. After all, there is a strange comfort in familiarity! But sarees are essentially like blank canvases that come to life on draping. There are as many quintessentially quaint and feminine ways as there are modern, and I’d say…even slightly rebellious styles of draping!


I’ve experimented with some bindis to give the outfit a grander look, I could’ve very well kept the face minimalistic for creating a simple, chic and interest-provoking ensemble for a Wedding Cocktail.
What’s perfect about this drape, is the ease in mobility. I felt absolutely no troubles that I usually feel (as an unseasoned saree connoisseur) while I moved around and struck poses for pictures. I can only imagine how it would make for an easy, stress free and comfortable wear to something like a Mehendi function. It’s just a matter of playing with some bright colours, and this suave evening look can quickly be transformed into a perfect fun & playful look for attending your cousin’s Mehendi/Sangeet !
And how about trying this out in all White and keeping it pristine for a pre-Diwali cards party? *Jessssss!!!*….If only most of my friends weren’t already married, and I actually had any weddings to attend this year !!! :’ (









Hope you’ve all been having a good October! I can almost feel the nip in the air here in New Delhi. How does it feel around your part of the world right now?

Tag me in your pictures or DM me some shots on Instagram if you happen to experiment with this regal blend of saree drape…I always love keeping in touch!  : *


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