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With the Summer Wedding Season just around the corner, and plenty of ‘Save The Dates’ sitting in my inbox, I often find myself pondering over the perfect gift for Weddings. As a bride, I remember myself happiest finding tiny little boxes encasing glimmering jewellery that I could actually wear and use on an average Jeans and Tee kinda day! There’s possibly, nothing more universal and safe than gifting jewels to a girl, and nothing else can bring as much joy!


Looking back at my own wedding, and all the jewellery I received in blessings, I most value the ones that have proven to be the most versatile and wearable! Little gold and diamond baubles that I can throw on for a run of the mill kind of average day instead of having to wait for a full fledged Indian carnival to get decked up. Which, just so you know… hasn’t happened even once ever since my own wedding!
Even as a bride-to-be, from personal experience, I’d suggest you to gift yourself some jewels rather than spending extravagantly on fancy ethnic clothes. For sizes and styles may go up or down, but a good quality and design of ‘Jevar’ stays forever! Don’t trust me?…Just peek into your Grandmum’s treasure box. Sue me if you don’t find yourself drooling…even if just a little! ; P


For the tech savvy, always on-the-go millennials, it’s difficult to fathom the monstrosity of having to visit one shop after the other in search of best designs at the best price points. Who has the time, or the patience to physically shop-hop for hours in search for a gift? Not me! Especially not in Delhi traffic and deathly heat! :-/
Anybody who has done any Jewellery shopping whatsoever will have a precise idea of how long it takes for the sales representative to tally the regularly fluctuating Gold & Diamond market rates and then sit with a calculator for what seems like a lifelong before they finally arrive on the cost of A SINGLE PIECE. You have your heart set on a design that you absolutely love and think fits in the budget, but SHOOT….turns out you have many more hours of surveying and window shopping ahead of you!


To cut all that nonsense out and make life easier for any of us needing to attend a wedding in the family this season, I’m reviewing Jewelcountry.in to explore the most stunning gifting range of glistening beauties!
Here are my favourite picks from their collection to gift a New-age bride that’ll make her gleam with happiness without having to break the bank!
It’s such a fresh change to have all the price break ups right in front of you. You may select any design you like and customise the diamond color and clarity as per your budget. Easy breezy customisation, no? You know exactly what you’re paying for along with the assurance of getting all the right certifications in just the right prices! As with any online buy, one is always unsure and apprehensive of the quality, but the certifications they guarantee with every piece really gave me the reassurance that I was in safe hands! *Phew* : )


JewelCountry would satiate all of a modern-day bride’s Jewellery thirst! There’s everything a contemporary, working girl….like so many of us, might need or dream of. Personally speaking, I am a massive fan of jewellery designs that look delicate enough to be worn with an Indian Salwar suit, in a one-off chance that I may have to visit relatives…but versatile enough to carry off with my usual pair of distressed Zara jeans and a white vest. If you’re anything like me, you’ll excuse me for inclining towards all these pieces I chose for myself!
Even for the intricately crafted designs, I found that their was no tugging or pulling of clothes, no pinching or discomfort on the skin… they were incredibly easy to wear!


Their responsive sales team, and prompt delivery rounded off my experience with Jewelcountry on a high note…and it distresses me to know I have some wonderful gifting ideas for the many weddings of my bffs and relatives hovering over my head in the near future! ; )


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